Not Just "Wobbling" Through the Day

​At the young age of just one year, we institute a curriculum in our Wobblers classroom. Each day consists of the following basic categories: circle time, arts & crafts, manipulatives, music & movement, stories and flannel board, and gross motor. At the beginning of each day, our wobblers have 
circle time; this activity consists of saying good morning, singing the ABC's and saying hello to their friends. This section of the curriculum serves to start the day off in a warm social environment. The children then go on to develop their creativity with arts and crafts, such as drawing or coloring in an object that aligns with our theme of the week. Once the children have completed their art and it has been stored in their folder, they move onto manipulatives, such as puzzles, building blocks or fun dough. These activities help develop cognitive function and their fine motor skills needed in their hands. The next section in the curriculum is music and movement. In this section, the teachers lead the children in song with coordinating dance moves, allowing children to express themselves. After this, the teacher will tell the children a story, either from a picture book or with the assistance of a flannel board which can hold characters from the story and allows them to manipulate them. This activity helps children develop focus and listening skills. The final category is a kids favorite: gross motor activities. These activities are helping the children to develop cognitive function less so in their hands like with manipulatives but more so with their limbs as a whole through activities like bear walking, hopping like a frog, and galloping like a horse. Although this curriculum may seem intense for a one year old, all of these activities are spread out between snacks, meals, nap time and time on the playground.

Itsy Bitsy and Sweet Pea

At Stepping Stones Children's Academy, we separate the children under the age of one year into two rooms. The children are split by size and mobility, the smaller or less mobile children will be placed in our "Itsy Bitsy" classroom, where they will be given the specific attention they require to ensure development. Infants that are larger or more mobile will be in our "Sweet Pea" class, in here they put emphasis on continuing to advance their mobility and preparing them to enter the slightly more structured Wobblers classroom. 

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