​​​Stepping Stones

​Children's Academy

Fives: Preparing to Soar into Kindergarten

In our Eagles classroom, we think it is imperative that our kids are ready to go into kindergarten. So, although the curriculum has the same basic structure as the fours, there is an emphasis on making sure the children are prepared for kindergarten. The children start off their day with circle time, ​where the practice reciting their pledge of allegiance as well singing about the weather and the calendar. From there, the children move on to arts & crafts, where they express themselves through coloring or simple crafts. Once the children finish, they move on to our manipulatives center, where they can focus on refining their fine motor skills. Then, the kids go on to math & science​, where they complete activities that involve tracing, matching, or practicing their numbers. From here the children go back to expressing themselves through ​music & social skills. In this section, the children do things such as show & tell and letter songs. The children are then brought back to the tables to work on language arts. These activities include things such as practicing their letters, hearing stories, or writing, similar to what they will be doing once they reach kindergarten. After a day of educational fun, the children finish with gross motor. The teacher will lead them in an activity such as freeze dance or simon says and then spend time outside on our playground.

Children who come after school have an area to complete their homework and play games.

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Fours: "Exploring" Their Imaginations

Just like the Jumpers, our Explorers (4 year olds) have a curriculum that is split into seven different categories: circle time, language arts, science & math, manipulatives, arts & crafts, music & movement, and gross motor. Circle time in our Explorers classroom is a little different than in the Jumpers, starting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then the calendar. From there, the children move on to language arts, where they complete activities with a focus on learning their letters. In the science & math section of the curriculum, children work on learning their numbers and colors through coloring and other interactive activities. From here, the children move on to manipulatives to refine their fine motor skills. Following this, the children complete arts & crafts activities based off the theme of the week, such as coloring in a circus elephant or making their own circus train. The kids continue to express themselves through music & movement​. Teachers lead the children in songs based off of the letter, color, or theme of the week. Our curriculum ends with gross motor, they work on their broader motor skills with something like 'Simon Says' or 'Freeze Dance' followed by outside time.